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ArrowBio technology combines an innovative and patented separation system that segregates the mix MSW into different fractions enabling separation of the organic matter as a feeding material to the anaerobic digestion system and to recover different raw materials for recycling. As a result the residual matter from the separation system is a relative small fraction and landfill requirements are reduced dramatically.


ArrowBio Process description

ArrowBio technology includes an innovating and patented separation system that segregates the mix MSW into different fractions in order to separate the organic matter as a clean feeding material to the anaerobic digestion system, and to recover different raw materials for recycling. Accordingly the residual matter from the separation system is a relatively small fraction, and the landfill requirements are reduced dramatically.

The Hydro-Mechanical separation system includes several components as follows: Trommels, settling water basins, shredders, hydro-crashers, conveyers, magnets, eddy current etc..

The separation process is based on the different settling properties of different materials.

The process aims to achieve a high separation ability of over 95% which will allow treating homogeneous streams of waste and making recycling much more effective.

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AD Process

The "ArrowBio” AD waste treatment technology is based upon a wet system (Total solids < 15%). The treatment uses high rate reactors in a two stage process. The final result of the AD process would be high quality Biogas containing 60-70% methane (CH4) and high quality of soil amendment that is ready for the composting process, clean of contaminate materials such as glass or metal.